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We have been residents of the Marcellus Shale for more than 35 years. We raised our family here. Like many who live here we have leased much of our land to gas companies. The inevitable development of the Marcellus Shale gas fields will financially benefit many in our area, possibly including us, but it will bring huge changes. The full impact on all who live here is still to be determined.

With this website we hope to share some of the delight we have found in our surroundings. We also want to document the other living beings who reside in the Marcellus Shale region in the hope that care will be taken to preserve their habitat as development continues. The gas companies and the DEP have promised environmental stewardship. We hold them to their word.

Because we work out of our home, we have had the opportunity to indulge our curiosity, observing our fellow living beings as they go about the business of life. This has been a constant source of entertainment, learning, and wonder for us over the years. Not everyone in this hurried world can take the time needed to see all the life that unfolds around them. There is still so much we have not yet had time to see!

All photos on this site have been taken within a couple miles of our home. We have not emphasized game animals because they are well documented and already have many human organizations speaking for their habitat. We plan to update with new photos, comments, and stories as we have time.

If you notice that we have made a mistake in identification, please let us know!

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